Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Websites and blogs: fewer blogs, more readers, more activity

The chaos of multiple blogs — blogs blogs slogb gobls blogs
The chaos of multiple blogs slobg gobls blogs 

Time was when every new online initiative, whether personal or professional, required its own domain name and its own website or at least blog. I think I got my first website, writing.co.nz, around 1997.

Each new website, and later blog, was to be the topical blog, the dominant blog, the best blog, the top blog. I made business blogs and plain language blogs and poetry blogs, blogs on LinkedIn, Blogger, WordPress, SquareSpace, not to mention home made blogs, and then there was Twitter and Facebook and Instagram and — you get the picture.

Old Lady Laughing turned out to be a precursor of Boot Camp for the Bonus Years which has recently slithered across into Write Into Life, a Wordpress site.

I'm 77 now, still fascinated by happiness, ageism, writing and blogging, but regretting my proliferation into multiple locations. Enough splittiness. Enough muttering into a lonely silence. Come and meet many friendly readers at my new addresses (one is never enough):
Write Into Life — How to stay alive until you die. Writing helps
Poems in the Wild—See the digital poem in its natural habitat

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