Saturday, December 19, 2009

Oops, forgot the Christmas tree

So this one went up in 5 minutes. Call me Cheating Granny. But it does the job.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Old people know too much

Recently I had some rest and recreation with my five sisters on Kapiti Island. As you see from the photo, it was relaxing. And we hardly stopped laughing for 48 hours.

A recurring problem recurred. People who have lived six or seven decades know pretty much everything. So how can we refrain from giving advice willy nilly?

Over two days I was advised (among other things) to buy a chihuahua, lose all interest in my appearance, get a bum-bra for my saggy bottom, and review the prescription for topical chemotherapy I'm using on my nose. Some of these tips were useful, others not so much.

It's only a problem because I am inclined to presume I know best. (The only people who really annoy me are people just like me.) So I took special notice of those who managed to give me advice that I enjoyed. I resolve sincerely try harder to be like them -- wish me luck! Kind. Light-hearted. Curious.

Whether you're 70, 7 or 17, it's nice to be treated with respect... but not too much respect...

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

An extremely old woman

Our grandmother, known as Mim, used to look after Penny (aged 3 or 4) while Mother was teaching.

One day she popped Penny on top of the sideboard to remove her from some mischief. Penny was furious, and hurled her deadliest insult in revenge:

"You're an extremely old woman and you look like one!"

Unfortunately for the effect, Mim thought this was so funny that it became a standing joke. She began to sign family letters as ye anciente Mim, and refer to herself as this extremely old woman.

How old was that extremely old woman at the time, I wonder? In her 50s?

R.I.P. Gloria, 10 months old

Friends die at different ages: that's obvious. We prefer it if they die after a fine and satisfying life. We prefer their lives to be long, and end well.

I'm just going to the vet right now to say goodbye to Gloria. Her life has been easy, as my supervisor and trainer, with her own en suite bathroom and sufficient food and water. It has been useful, as she has provided me with instructions, guidance, and somebody warm to stroke. But it has not been long.

Another friend, Jamie, calls cats "angels in fur coats".

Goodbye, Gloria, and thank you.

Feline Infectious Peritonitis, according to Wikipedia