Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The first iPhone text

This is my new iPhone. Very new. I have received my first text on it:
How's that gorgeous girl today? K

(That's from my daughter asking after her 6-year-old Elsie. I have the honour of Elsie's company twice a week after school.)

Good, well done Granny: you managed to read it. Top of the class.

Next step, to reply. Here's how it went:
I can't spekil on this yet we did. Oloring in my god wo t a mess x
I know this will be a breeze within days. But day one of any new technology is inevitably humbling — even Apple. Fingers too big, don't know the controls, tantalised by the novel touch surface, and possibly even dazzled by the glamour after my humble brown Sony.

Meantime this is what I wrote before the pixies pixillated it. I did, honestly I did:
Gorgeous. I can't spell yet on this. We did colouring in. My God, what a mess. X.
Guess I'm not qwidA ready to send business texts afain yet. I'll stafg training tomootpwww.

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