Friday, April 29, 2011

The metallic rush of turning 71

Life goes on: the cliche sprang to my mind when I realized I had ignored this blog for 2 months, and the last time I posted I was a mere 70 years old. OK, Old Lady Laughing will always be a personal indulgence, a mere toy, as long as I'm heavily involved in my business, Even so, let me do a quick update.

The trigger for Old Lady Laughing was the awe-inspiring achievement — and the what-next existential challenges — of having lived 7 decades. Now I've survived that interesting year and I'm used to being in my 70s. For the moment, living as a slightly older lady is fairly straightforward: business as usual!

Numbers have their own magic. I reckon 71 carries a lot more clout than 70.

I say, 'I'm 70.' You think, 'OK, round figure, good on you.'

I say, 'I'm 71.' You think, 'Oh. You're committed, then! You're on the way to 80.'

Image: Unisex 'anti-perfume' by Comme des Garcons. Obviously this is the scent we 71-year-olds should all be wearing. says:

When you first smell the fragrance you get a big metallic rush, it's very different. ... Electricity, Metal, Office, Mineral, Dust on a hot light bulb, photocopier toner, Hot metal, Toaster, fountain pen ink, Pencil Shavings, The salty taste of a battery, incense, Wood, Moss, Willow, Elm, Birch, Bamboo, Hyacinth and Lettuce Juice.

So ... does this reflect me, in theory? Pretty much!

Today's diary: Meditate; Blog in office at computer; work in office at computer; make toast; change batteries in phone; get new washing machine installed; dance rehearsal on wooden floor; do sudoku with pencil; eat lettuce salad; throw away pot of dead hyacinths; blat out.

That metallic rush surely trumps the smell of old-lady-lavender. But is it ... actually ... nice? I'll probably stick to Dune.


  1. I found your blog because I was just looking around online for something having to do with turning seventy one. My mother was born on December 17, 1940. She would have been 71 tomorrow, but she passed away on October 29, 2006. I see you posted this on April 29, 2011. That is my wedding anniversary, and probably the last big milestone of my life that my mother was part of. Anyhow, just sort of out of the search for meaning and connection that I stumbled on your blog. You seem like you're doing great and have a pretty cool blog. And that my mom would have liked you. Anyhow, I realize this is all a little odd, so I'll sign off. But thanks for being out there ....

  2. Thank you Peter! I'm delighted to hear from you. I'm sorry not to have known your mother, and I'm sorry I took so long to respond. Happy new year.