Wednesday, November 7, 2012

72 is the new 30—I beg your pardon? poses the burning question:

"Is 72 the new 30?"

No wonder we get confused about who we are and how to live.


  1. Interesting article! The only negative thing is that if a population gets older, more healthy and stronger we will also be expected to work longer. I don't wanna work when I'm 70! I'm planning to have a joyful retirement. I might change my mind since I've not reached my 40's yet and may think different about it later in life. It also depends a lot on what kind of job one is doing.

  2. I think we need to make sure we are doing work we love! If not, we had better find some work or play that we love with a passion. Then we may find that working past 70 is exactly what we want to do. Sitting in a rocking chair for 20 or 30 years doesn't look like fun to me.

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