Friday, December 13, 2013

Two poems read on video with awesome photos

How to do a poetry reading online?

I decided to maximise the visual attractions with expressive (but not explanatory) photos. And squash myself into a corner.

The decision went that way mainly because I was done. Some day I'll get more daring with the video technology but I'll always favour the simplest delivery.

I hope you enjoy the first two poems that I felt deserved to live beyond the book.

Before the Fall (about fathers and faith)

Square yard garden in the city (about, well, small patches of garden in the city, of course)


  1. Thanks Rachel - I really enjoyed hearing the poems. 'Before The Fall' has always been one of my favourite poems.

  2. "Before the Fall' was the poem I was referring to in prev. comment, before an over-eager backspace removed the title from the comment.

  3. Aagh, technology: it gets to us all. I'm glad you enjoyed your private reading.

  4. What a fabulous way of presenting your poems, Rachel! Your voice is still the same as I remember...