Saturday, February 13, 2010

Launching Scarlet Heels: 26 Stories About Sex

Hooray! It's Valentine's Day, the official date for launching my new book:

Scarlet Heels: 26 Stories About Sex

Frankly, I wrote this book by accident, and yet of all the books I've written it's my favourite.

OK, favourites change over time, but I feel strangely fond of this one. When I think about Scarlet Heels, I feel affectionate, amused and carefree. I've got nothing to lose. This book is... like a member of my family.

Some of the stories are fictional versions of secrets whispered to me by women aged from 16 to 84. They were so excited, so alive as they talked about a sexual event that was significant to them in some particular way. Other stories are based on memories and hunches about women I've known.

And I kind of love all these women, from Anna, Beryl and Caroline to Xianthe the geeky schoolgirl, Yvette who finds Mr Available, and Zoe, who revives her lost libido to please her husband.

At 3pm this afternoon, six friends and I will quietly — or noisily — raise a glass of champagne in a beautiful garden. We'll eat apple cake and strawberries, I might read a few love poems, and we'll relish the moment.

I had no idea what people would think of this book, but they seem to be enjoying it heaps. So far, critics have called it a darling little book, great, great fun, and happy. They find two or three of the 26 stories steamy, which is about what I hoped. Trust me, this is popular fiction, not erotica.

Now, here's a reward for reading this far.

To celebrate the launch I'm giving away five copies of Scarlet Heels.

To enter the competition, just comment on this blog post.

Give me a reason why you of all people deserve a free copy. The five people with the most convincing reasons will be the winners.

Deadline: Saturday 20 February 2010, 10am New Zealand time.


  1. Congrats on the book! I'd love a copy. :) Reason being you are inspiring me (and my mother who is 64 and loving your blog as well) to pre-celebrate older age. Loving my 40's but looking forward to it all...

  2. I'd love a copy of your book. I dislike competitions that ask me to comment about being deserving as I find it so difficult to promote myself, but I;ll try.

    I think I deserve a copy because I am an at home mum to 3 small children, in a semi-rural town. I am also a part-time art writer at my kitchen table in between cooking, cleaning and general family maintenance. I need to take a break, lie on the couch and read your lovely book.

  3. I've just caught up with the news re your book launch - having been out of touch lately through work / family / time / leisure pressures etc. But I wish your 'darling' well! It sounds like a heap of fun. Good on you. I am in awe (as I have been over your wonderful poetry for some years now).

  4. Tara and Dale, artandmylife and Kay -- you are all three dangerously persuasive and deserving. What have I let myself in for! Thank you all so much. This is like getting the ultimate box of chocolates.

  5. I probably don't deserve this book at all. But it sounds like lots of fun, and that strikes me as a very good reason to put in a request for a copy!

  6. Trouble is, scientific research shows that 9 out of 10 men will ... not like it. But still you're in to win.

  7. a darling little book... great fun, great, happy. Clearly it has a lot to recommend itself. I can't think of a really valid reason to convince you I deserve a copy - other than that I'd really like to read it.