Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Teaching Granny to do cartwheels

So, here we are at WOMAD, World Music 2010 at beautiful Pukekura Park in New Plymouth.

My granddaughter loved it all, 8 hours of music in a single day. Here she is teaching me how to do cartwheels, as they do.

Age is not an issue at WOMAD. All the generations are gloriously jumbled up, on stage and off. Feral New Zealand is there, gentle, timeless hippies in their patchwork skirts and orange trousers, teens in self-protective clumps, suit types like me having fun in our own way, parents wheeling prams -- the lot. It was a lovely, colourful, rich experience in slow motion.


  1. Wow - so impressed! I would do myself an injury just thinking about doing a cartwheel. And so cool to be able to do them with Elsie, something for her to remember - doing cartwheels with Granny.

  2. Very impressive Rachel. Cor you look so young and fit. I certainly can't do cartwheels...

  3. Thank you both! The pleasure is all mine.