Thursday, January 17, 2013

Heavy metal (type)writers

It's two years since I began this blog. I intended it to be a personal notebook about the peculiar personal process of aging. Blame my mother, who died absurdly young, almost-but-not-quite on purpose. 

Well, I'm over it. Had to do it. Over it. The deadline for Hamletting has passed. Now let's get cracking on the new stuff. New books to read and new books to write.

Those antique typewriters are icons for people who write. Every second writer's blog flaunts a photo of one of the old pedal machines.

I've never used one in my life. I began with a Hermes Baby: brute force was required and it squeaked when I hit the keys. Cute, but nostalgia? Zero. Give me a MacBook Pro or a MacBook Air any day.


  1. I was also born before the age of internet :) and I don't miss the old typewriters. Today I prefer my iPad but if it's anything of significance that I'm going to write I usually write it down by hand first. Here's a link to another old typewriter. Nietzsche used to type on this and just by looking at it perhaps it can explain why he suffered so much from headaches. As the site explain, he wasn't very satisfied with it.

  2. What a fascinating article on the writing ball. I imagine a working model might produce less strain on the body than the conventional typewriter keyboard.